Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre was founded over 30 years ago by
Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and is here to serve the needs of all
people, of all races, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.

The cornerstone of the Centre’s work is based on Unconditional Love and Universal Spiritual Truths – making all that we do and offer of the highest quality and love.



Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma’s mission in founding the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres Worldwide is to provide help and support to all, including those who are suffering on any level, and to assist those who seek inner knowledge and personal growth in the pursuit of peace, health and happiness through meditation, yoga and spiritual living.
 In 1988 the Mother Centre was given its permanent home in Somerset, England, and has continued to grow and develop its work, both here and through Sister Centres around the world.


Message from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma


All the centres are run by qualified Teachers, Healers and Counsellors, living and working together as a spiritual family, with the guidance of Mata Yogananda’s experience, love and wisdom. They aim to work with unconditional love at all times ~ to offer healing and guidance to those who are suffering in life on any level ~ and see each person as unique with individual needs.


Whether through Pure Meditation, Progressive Counselling/Coaching and Natural Spiritual Healing, community, teaching, Retreat, prayer or other disciplines, we seek to help people find balance, peace and joy in life, respecting their circumstances and their faith if they claim one. We strive to help integrate body, mind and spirit for optimal health for each individual.

The Mother Centre itself is set in a serene setting, with a pond and beautiful gardens.

In addition to a full programme of courses, the Centre is open for people in need of peace and healing at any time. All are welcome to join us when we gather each morning (at 6am) and in the evening (at 8pm) for Pure Meditation and silent prayer, with Winged Prayer for those in need at 9pm. Special gatherings include chanting at 8pm Friday nights and teachings from Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma at 7pm Sundays.



Coming Up at the Mother Centre…



Natural Spiritual Healing Course ~ next intake starts 17th August 

An in-depth, comprehensive Course, constantly evolving to meet the needs of life in the 21st Century. Accredited Worldwide – the Course consists of Teaching, Assessment and individual guidance for five Course weeks within two years. Extra tuition & Advanced Healing Courses, Refreshers, Supervision and a CPD Programme are offered.

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